Simone Felber

Black and white photo of Simone Felber. She looks directly into the camera with a slight smile on her face.
Simone Felber - Yodelling culture now and for the future
© Christian Felber

Yodelling culture now and for the future

Simone Felber is a classically trained mezzo-soprano – and yodeller. Born in Lucerne in 1992, she is one of the most influential voices in contemporary folk music.

While still studying at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU), Felber realised that she wanted to do more than sing classical music. Because, as Simone Felber puts it: "While classical music is all about obtaining a perfect idea of sound, jazz and folk music open up the possibility of finding your own sound."  She took lessons from the well-known yodeller Nadja Räss, sought out exchanges with natural yodellers and developed a highly original brand of folk music.

With her groups such as Simone Felbers iheimisch or the a cappella formation famm, Simone Felber gives a new voice to yodelling and Swiss singing culture. With Echo vom Eierstock, she leads a sensational feminist choir that updates old songs from the male choir tradition with contemporary lyrics. In the duo hedi drescht with jazz pianist Lukas Gernet, Simone Felber writes new yodelling songs that revolve around the question "What is home?". She also seeks experimental exchanges, for example with Simone Aubert, who was also awarded a Swiss Music Prize in 2024. With all her activities, Felber demonstrates the extent to which Swiss folk music can sound modern and emancipated.





Simone Felbers iheimisch - Ha ame ne Ort es Blüemeli gseh [Album out on 27.08.2020]

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