Erika Stucky

Erika Stucky, Schweizer Musikpreis 2020
Erika Stucky
© Mirco Taliercio

Erika Stucky

Blues yodeler with unlimited possibilities

As singer, multi-instrumentalist and performance artist, Erika Stucky (born in 1962) possesses a multitude of artistic identities. Accompanied by the hippie music of her native San Francisco, she crossed the Atlantic at the age of nine to the mountain village in Upper Valais where she would grow up. After an early immersion in Swiss folk music traditions, she studied pantomime at the Teatro Dimitri, and drama and jazz singing in Paris. The Swiss-American blends her transatlantic influences into vocal action art, bridging yodel and blues, surprising us time and again as she has done for over 35 years: with her bands The Sophisticrats or Bubbles & Bones, performing Jimi Hendrix with Christy Doran, or paying homage to Woodstock with The Young Gods. But also as Mrs God in Sybille Berg's play "Helges Leben", in duet with counter-tenor Andreas Scholl, and as the witches’ voice in Henry Purcell's "Dido and Aeneas". Always serious avant-garde, always serious fun.



Erika Stucky – Blues yodeler with unlimited possibilities | Swiss Grand Award for Music 2020

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