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Since 2012 and the enactment of the Federal Message on Culture, the Swiss Film Award has been one of the Federal Awards which are granted to the creative industries by the Federal Office of Culture. The award is an official recognition of the work of the Swiss Film industry and seeks to raise the national and international profile of Swiss film-making.

Swiss Film Award voting system

The Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA) appoints a five-person jury, all of whom are members of the Swiss Film Academy. It is their responsibility to compile a shortlist of nominees from recommendations submitted by the  members of the Swiss Film Academy. The official announcement of the nominees (“Nominations Night”) is made in January during the Solothurn Film Festival. From then until the end of February, voting members of the Swiss Film Academy will vote for their preferred nominees in each of the categories of the Swiss Film Award.

Furthermore, the nomination committee recommends individuals to the Federal Office of Culture for the Special Academy Award, presented in recognition of outstanding technical or artistic achievement, and for the Honorary Award, for her or his oeuvre.

Trophy “Quartz”

Designed by Jean Mauboulès, the sculpture combines subtle sophistication with sharp geometric lines. The trophy is a collection of pale-green industrial glass panels of varying heights that together form a single smooth-flowing line. The rough-hewn edges and adhesive dot create a spectacular play of light and striking 3D effect.

Jean Mauboulès (born 1943 in Poey de Lescar, France) is an internationally renowned artist who has lived and worked in Solothurn since the 1960s. Originally a painter, he gradually began to shift the focus of his creative talents to sculpture. Working primarily in glass, iron and steel, Mauboulès is especially interested in the technical and visual challenges of sculpture, such as weight and movement, stability and instability, light and shade.

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