Dimitri Stapfer

Left Foot Right Foot

Best supporting actor 2014 - Awarded

Dimitri Stapfer

For his performance in «Left Foot Right Foot» directed by Germinal Roaux

At the age of 13, he participated during two seasons at the Swiss tour of Circus Chnopf as actor and circus performer. Following this experience, he landed a role in the play “Lieber 99 falsche Tode als 9 Stunden falsches Leben“ at Theater Neumarkt in Zurich. After his apprenticeship, he began in 2009, the Drama School of Zürich. During the summer of 2010, he was seen in the role of Jeroboam in the play “The Queen of Sheba” at the Origen Festival at Col du Julier (Switzerland). For the end study play, his class gets the price of groupe at the meeting of the actors from main German schools at Schauspieltreffen, in Vienna for the play “Blood Wedding” under the direction of Martina Eitner-Aecheampong. In the season 2013/14 he is an ensemble member of the Schauspielhaus Zurich.

Selected film roles:
2014 «Cushion», Regie: Ninian Green
2013 «Left Foot Right Foot», Regie: Germinal Roaux
2013 «Träume leben und sterben», Regie: Steven Vit
2013 «Schmuckrebellen», Regie: Felix Hegert
2013 «Tatort – Vattersprache», Regie: Tobias Ineichen
2012 «Nullpunkt», Regie: Oliver Schwarz
2011 «Once Upon a Time in Bümpliz», Regie: Arnaud Baur
2010 «Balz», Regie: Cyril Daepp
2006 «Sonjas Rückkehr», Regie: Tobias Ineichen