Left Foot Right Foot

Best Fiction Film 2014 - Nominated

Left Foot Right Foot

by Germinal Roaux

Marie, 19, is attracted by easy money. Without really realizing it, she becomes involved in prostitution. She decides not to tell her friend, Vincent, a young, nonchalant, 21-year-old skater who owes everyone money and just can’t seem to grow up. The maelstrom of life seizes Marie and Vincent, caught up in a society where money, appearance and perpetual self-delusion are everything. Vincent’s mute, autistic brother, Mika, also gets caught in the trap.

Perez Biscayart Nahuel, Schlencker Agathe, Stapfer Dimitri, Bisson Mathilde, Merhar Stanislas

Roaux Germinal, Brun Marianne

CAB Productions SA Lausanne, Unlimited Paris, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse Genève 8, ARTE Strasbourg Cedex

Cinematography: Jutzeler Denis
Editing: Rotelli Valentin
Locationsoundmix: Giovannoni Christophe
Sounddesign: Vittoz Jérôme
Rerecordingsoundmix: Séchaud Denis
Artdirection: Niclass Ivan
Costumes: Nicolet Françoise
Casting: Pharaon Elsa


49. Solothurner Filmtage, 25th Palm Springs International Film Festival, 28e Festival international du film francophone Namur, 9. Zurich Film Festival, 37e Festival des films du monde Montréal