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The Swiss Art Competition, held annually since 1899, is the world’s oldest art award.
The accompanying Swiss Art Awards exhibition, which is organised by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture, offers an insight into current art and architecture in Switzerland and is a valuable reference for art professionals and art lovers.

The Swiss Grand Award for Art / Prix Meret Oppenheim was founded in 2001 by the Federal Office of Culture and the Federal Art Commission. It honors figures from the worlds of art and architecture as well as criticism, curation, and research whose work is of particular relevance and importance for contemporary art and architecture in Switzerland and beyond.


The jury of the Swiss Art Awards and Prix Meret Oppenheim consists of seven members of the Federal Art Commission, selected by the Federal Assembly, as well as five invited experts.

The members of the jury are Raffael Dörig (Chairman), Roman Kurzmeyer, Victoria Easton, Nicole Schweizer, San Keller, and Anne Julie-Raccoursier.

The invited experts for visual arts are Kadiatou Diallo, Luca Frei and Lucie Kolb, for architecture, they are Gay Menzel and Jeannette Kuo.

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