Vicky setzt Segel

«Vicky setzt Segel» Company Mafalda/Teresa Rotemberg

“Vicky setzt Segel”, Company Mafalda / Teresa Rotemberg

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A dance work for children that appeals to kids as young as four and their families is all too rare an occurrence in Switzerland; “Vicky setzt Segel”, a trio from 2017, is one of the few exceptions. In it, Vicky plucks up all her courage and sets off on a journey. Soon, obstacles and eerie figures begin to block her path. Vicky wonders to herself: “What kind of creatures are these? Why don’t they understand me? I’m nothing to be afraid of!” Vicky realises that everyone has their own way of looking at things. Gradually, the strangers become friends that she can rely on when the going gets tough. With its expressive imagery, strong characters and colourful costumes, “Vicky setzt Segel” is like a cross between “Alice in Wonderland” and “Nils Holgersson” that, in passing, tackles important questions of existence and co-existence.

Béatrice Goetz, jury member:

“‘Vicky setzt Segel’ begins with the protagonist sitting in the audience. She needs the children’s support to summon up her courage, get up on stage and embark on her journey to different worlds. With their expressive dance language and captivating enthusiasm, Teresa Rotemberg and her dancers involve their young audience in the goings-on on stage, enabling them to become part of the story. If dance is to become more visible to all age groups and sections of society, we need dance works for children of this exceptional quality.”

Company Mafalda / Teresa Rotemberg

Teresa Rotemberg was born in Buenos Aires in 1966 and received her dance training at the Teatro Colón in her home city and in France, at the École de Danse Classique in Monte Carlo. She set up Company Mafalda in Zurich in 1999. As well as producing dance theatre Teresa Rotemberg is involved in outreach projects creating works with laypeople, youngsters and children. She appears as a guest choreographer and also has extensive experience of working as a choreographer in musical theatre. In 2015 she directed her first musical theatre work, “Greek”, at the Konzert Theater Bern. Company Mafalda is currently focusing on dance pieces for children. Performances are accompanied by interactive learning workshops. The hallmark of these sometimes narrative, sometimes abstract works is a combination of often virtuoso dance elements with a broad range of theatrical resources – ingredients that appeal to a young audience. The 2017 production “Zick Zack Puff” was awarded the Argentinian ATINA prize.