Black and white portrait of Zimoun.
Zimoun -Visual sound poetry in space
© Zimoun


Visual sound poetry in space

Zimoun blurs the boundaries between art and music. In his quiet yet spectacular installations, the Bernese artist creates interactions between visual, auditory and spatial elements.

For his impressive works, which often fill the whole room, Zimoun generally uses recycled everyday materials such as cardboard. Using a variety of motors, he sets them in motion. The power of the mechanics creates unique worlds of sound. Despite their precise and minimalist structure, Zimoun's works radiate an unheard-of wilfulness that can take on a chaotic air.

This combination of visual and sonic elements was already evident in the early 2000s. Back then, Zimoun presented his works at TONUS-MUSIC LABOR (now Orbital Garden) – an experimental venue run by musician Don Li in Bern's Old Town. Since then, Zimoun has exhibited his sound installations worldwide. In 2021, Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich devoted a major solo exhibition to him.

In addition to his installations, which he also sees as musical compositions, Zimoun works purely acoustically too. He creates multi-channel soundsystems that allow listeners to explore a space through sound. The "Dark Matter Series", which has been presented in cultural spaces such as the Rex cinema in Bern, is one of these acoustic works in which the visual component is totally absent.





Zimoun : Compilation Video 4.3 (2024) : Sound Installations, Sound Architectures, Sound Sculptures

Zimoun : 361 prepared dc-motors, filler wire 1.0 mm, 2010