Simone Aubert

Black and white photo of Simone Aubert. There are instruments in the foreground, Simone is half-turned away looking at another instrument.
Simone Aubert - Boundless curiosity and a do-it-yourself attitude
© Photo by Titouan

Simone Aubert

Boundless curiosity and a do-it-yourself attitude

Multi-instrumentalist Simone Aubert is an integral part of Switzerland’s experimental music scene. For more than 20 years and hundreds of concerts, the Geneva-born musician has been creating her own unique brand of free music with her various groups. This is characterised by a do-it-yourself attitude that embraces the unclassifiable and explores both the delicate and the brutal.

Simone Aubert’s bands include Hyperculte, Massicot, Tout Bleu and Yalla Miku. For all these groups–which are often associated with the Geneva label Bongo Joe Records – Aubert chooses a self-taught approach and plays a different role each time: sometimes she is on drums, sometimes she plays guitar, sometimes she chooses electronics or she is the centre of attention with her voice as in Tout Bleu. She is always seeking unusual collaborations - for example, in a duet with singer Simone Felber, who also receives a Swiss Music Prize this year.

Simone Aubert's inquisitive, socially and politically committed music is not only known through her bands and her extensive network. Her music can also be heard in dance and theatre performances or in artistic and scientific projects.

Simone Aubert is also co-founder of the Baz'Art festival in Geneva, which takes a multidisciplinary approach to its programming. Here, too, her free approach far removed from genres is evident.




TOUT BLEU Simone en solo au 2 21, Lausanne 2017

Hyperculte, Le Feu