Ivo Antognini

Black and white photograph of Ivo Antognini. He holds his head in both hands and looks into the camera.
Ivo Antognini - Multifaceted composer of choral music
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Ivo Antognini

Multifaceted composer of choral music

Born in 1963, Ivo Antognini is one of the most influential composers of contemporary choral music. The Ticino native's works are performed by renowned choirs worldwide.

Antognini has been interested in composition since childhood. After studying piano in Lucerne with the pianist Nora Doallo, he continued his training at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern. After completing his studies, Ivo Antognini composed a wide variety of music for film and television and released three jazz albums of his own compositions.

In 2006, Ivo Antognini met the famous Ticino children's and youth choir "Calicantus" and its director Mario Fontana. Since then, Antognini's work has focused on choral music. His compositions are known for their versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of voices and choirs. Antognini's oratorio "A Prayer for Mother Earth" was premiered in May 2016 at Carnegie Hall in New York. In 2023, the renowned Trinity Choir of Cambridge released "Come to me in the silence of the night", a complete album of works by Ivo Antognini.

Ivo Antognini’s choral works have won numerous prizes in national and international competitions. In addition to composing, he also teaches at the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana in Lugano.


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