A collage of portraits, showing the fourteen team members of Helvetiarockt.
Helvetiarockt: Fighters for diversity and equality
© Danielle Liniger


Fighters for diversity and equality

Helvetiarockt fights for the equality and visibility of women as well as inter, non-binary, trans, and agender people in popular music in Switzerland. Since 2009, the organisation has been putting essential contemporary issues on the agenda of a scene and industry that is often slow to act.

Through tireless networking, the dynamic Helvetiarockt team has not only raised awareness of the Swiss music scene, it has also moved it forward: databases such as the “Music Directory” or guides such as the “Diversity Roadmap'' are constructive instruments that organisers can hardly do without in their daily work. Helvetiarockt promotes easy access to music through workshops: it offers camps and mentoring programmes for song writing, beat making and DJing, to inspire and promote young artists and new talent.

With its campaigns and practical programs, Helvetiarockt emphasizes the importance of diverse concert programmes and fair working conditions both in front of and behind the stage. In this, it challenges all outdated structures and puts central issues that affect all music makers in Switzerland up for public debate.





0:04 / 7:46 Nachwuchsförderung für Gleichstellung in der Musik | Helvetiarockt | Female* Bandworkshops

Écrire une chansons | Helvetiarockt | Female* Songwriting Camp

Female* Songwriting Camp Zug 2020

Female* Songwriting Camp 2020 Zug

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