Roli Mosimann

Roli Mosimann, Schweizer Musikpreis 2021
Roli Mosimann
© Magdalena Ucinska

Roli Mosimann

music producer with a golden ear for rock

As a music producer, Roli Mosimann has left his mark like no other on electronic studio technology. Born in Canton Thurgau in 1955, he relocated to New York in the early ‘80s.  As the drummer of the industrial no-wave band Swans he tackled the technical innovations that were gaining hold in recording studios with computer sequencers and midi.  The first album he produced, "Infected" (1986), for the British band The The, gave his work the seal of quality; from then on, he had the trust of renowned rock and metal bands the likes of New Order and Celtic Frost.  In addition to their first single "Envoyé!", he produced four studio albums for The Young Gods, the Swiss industrial pioneers.  More recently, he participated in releases by Phall Fatale and Fredy Studer. Between 1998 and 2012, he developed a new live sound concept "Realtime Audio Deconstruction" for Jojo Mayer's band Nerve. Today, Roli Mosimann lives in Poland, in Wroclaw, where is responsible for the live mixing of the Eklektik Sessions. In 2020, he was awarded the "Golden Ear Award" by the international festival Soundedit for his pioneering work in music production.



Wiseblood - Motorslug

SUDDEN INFANT - Girl (official video)

The Young Gods : Skinflowers (1992)

The The - Sweet Bird Of Truth (1986)