Christine Lauterburg

Christine Lauterburg, Schweizer Musikpreis 2021
Christine Lauterburg
© Silvan Bucher

Christine Lauterburg

sparkling yodel rebel

Christine Lauterburg transposes the music of the Swiss alps into urban music. Born in Bern in 1956, her studies at the Bern Schauspielschule paved the way for her to the theatre and film. In the documentary film "Alpenglühn" (1987), she played a young actress with a passion for yodel who breaks out of the traditional corset of competitive yodelling festivals. This role became her own story: away from the camera, the young Schwyzerörgeli-playing yodeller attended singing courses and studied folksong. In 1991, she released her first album "Schynige Platte". Three years later, in collaboration with the film and music producer Cyrill Schläpfer, she recorded the album "Echo der Zeit". Her mix of yodelling and techno was hailed by music critics as a "milestone of Swiss pop music” but was also the subject of controversial debate.  To this day, Christine Lauterburg carries New Folk Music out into the world. In her performances as a soloist or with various groups such as Doppelbock, Landstreichmusik and Aërope, she surpirses audiences with innovative accompaniments on the violin, the thaler or the buechel.  She still also participates in stage productions.



Christine Lauterburg – sparkling yodel rebel | Swiss Music Prize 2021

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