Der Goalie bin ig

Best Film Score 2014 - Awarded

Der Goalie bin ig

Film score: Peter Von Siebenthal & Richard Köchli

Peter Von Siebenthal

Born in 1958. Works as a sound editor, composer, musician and producer since the mid-eighties. 1985 to 2009 Works with Züri West at numerous concerts and recordings. Apart from his scores for film and theatre, von Siebenthal is responsible for the sound editing and design of numerous productions for advertising, television and film.

Richard Köchli

Born in 1962 in Basel. Has worked for 24 years as a professional guitarist on stage and in the studio. He has made a name for himself as an author of successful books for guitar in Germany and in the USA. Although his album “laid-back” (2008) won him acclaim as a sensitive, multilingual singersongwriter, his true talent remains the slide guitar, for his famous bottleneck is also the perfect link to Blues: his book “Masters of Blues Guitar” was honoured with the German Music Edition Prize Best Edition 2011; he won the Swiss Blues Award 2013 for his two CDs “Howlin' with the bad boys” and “Still howlin' – live.”