Der Goalie bin ig

Best Fiction Film 2014 - Awarded

I Am The Keeper

by Sabine Boss

It’s at the end of the eighties, and the hedonist Ernst, whom everyone calls “Goalie,” returns to the small town of Schummertal after spending one year in prison. This is where he grew up; everyone here knows him. Goalie wants a new start, this time a life without drugs. He looks for a job and falls in love with Regula, a waitress. It doesn’t matter to him that his best friend Ueli thinks he has become bourgeois. Strong-willed, somewhat naive and with a great deal of charm, he wants to get his life back on the right track. But just as his life is about to take a lucky turn, his past catches up with him.

Signer Marcus, Riesen Sonja, Ulli Pascal

Hoch Jasmine, Boss Sabine, Lenz Pedro

C-Films AG Zürich, Carac Film AG Bolligen, SRG SSR Bern 31

Cinematography: Saxer Michael
Editing: Kälin Stefan
Locationsoundmix: Fruttiger Benedikt
Soundediting: Büttikofer Rolf
Sounddesign: Bussmann Felix
Rerecordingsoundmix: Bussmann Felix
Music: Von Siebenthal Peter, Köchli Richard
Artdirection: Damovsky Gerald
Lighting: Wiese Werner
Costumes: Harper Linda
Casting: Hirschfeld Ruth


49. Solothurner Filmtage