Thilo Alex Brunner


Thilo Alex Brunner

'On Cloudsurfer' (running shoe) and Wenger-'Titanium' (pocket knife)

Product and Industrial Design

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Out into the Outdoors
Do you like the outdoors? Are you planning a street marathon or a high-mountain tour? The Biel-based industrial designer Thilo Alex Brunner has some useful products in store for such activities and is now being honoured with the Swiss Federal Design Award for their design.
A good example is his jogging shoe 'On' with its design geared to the trendy and urbane runner. In stark contrast to the black shoe, the shoe laces and the logo on the strap are neon green and so is the sole which gives the shoe its uniqueness: it is equipped with a shock-absorbing function specially designed for running on tarmac. It was actually developed from old garden hoses and was first released as a prototype in 2005. The half-round studs give the runner a feeling of running on clouds. The merit of this development is entirely Thilo Brunner's who, in cooperation with a professional runner, made the shoe into what it is today: a prize-winning innovative Swiss jogging shoe which is also available in three other colour combinations.
The Wenger 'Titanium' pocket knife, which as an alternative to the Wenger 'Victorinox' Thilo Brunner has developed specially for high-mountain tours, also proves itself to be pretty sharp and extremely convenient. Its unexpected new shape makes it very appealing. The quality of the design of this Swiss flagship product not only shows the designer's talent to execute contract work to very high precision standards but it also reveals the entrepreneur himself who is not afraid to tackle very famous brands! Long may this continue!
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