Anita Moser


Anita Moser

A shoe collection (six pairs)

Fashion Design

Jury report

For her third collection, the shoe designer Anita Moser submitted six pairs of shoes, she added two striking materials to her material palette, namely thick-waxed cotton cords and cork. The soles with their elegant heel and optical appearance of snuggling into the foot bed, look graceful compared to the complex network of straps, and appear simply to be lashed to the foot by means of a clever tying technique. However, there are only two connected knots above the heel that close the shoe and make it possible to attach the shoe to one's foot using a single hand movement. The Jury is impressed by this collection, which at a first glance appears to be an example of an extremely archaic shoe form. The clever, autonomous and extremely feminine design, the professional processing and, in particular, the stability and comfort of the shoe, however, indicate careful research work and once again prove that Anita Moser is highly skilled in her profession. The cords surround the foot in a similar manner to lines of force and, with their play on colour, also make the shoes into a visually powerful statement.


Anita Moser
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