Anita Moser


Anita Moser

Two Women's shoes collections

Fashion Design

Jury report

Anita Moser submitted 8 pairs of shoes and boots that were all created for Hin Phu Tran's clothes collection (see Hin Phu Tran). At a first glance we are struck by the massive conical wooden heels for the shoe creations, ending in a staggeringly small area of contact with the floor. The use and cut of the leather is equally striking: unusual shapes, like for example a plain leather edge around the toe section and generous gaps above the instep are produced by a process of maximum subtraction. In other words, these shoes show which parts are really necessary for a shoe still to be wearable. Anita Moser's highly individual creations successfully answer questions about the functionality of a shoe by undertaking an analytical study and then risking the required reductions as a result. This intensive research and the extremely careful choice of materials produces elegant, sculptural footwear.


Anita Moser
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