Lela Scherrer


Lela Scherrer

A fashion collection consisting of eight outfits and eight pairs of shoes

Fashion Design

Jury report

Lela Scherrer's free fashion collection takes a look at the world of 'Peanuts', finding material for an explosive patchwork of cheerful, highly-coloured clothes in fabrics with a whole variety of patterns and textures: sequins meet cotton, plastic tubes find woven woollen material or checks encounter floral patterns. Each individual outfit consists of several pieces with matching colours and patterns (skirts, coats, various tops, tights) and shoes, which are covered with appropriately chosen fabric. Just as the individual garments with their associated accessories form controlled units - nothing is left to chance - the collection as a whole also creates a harmonious and coherent overall impression. Rather like last year's 'Gimme shelter' collection, which also won a prize, Lela Scherrer' working method stands out because she pursues a strong idea with concentration, and realizes it consistently.


Lela Scherrer
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