Irene Münger


Irene Münger

Fashion collection with nine outfits (30 articles and accessories), two pairs of shoes, a lookbook, eight illustrations, a photobook

Fashion Design

Jury report

The 02/03 'Queen for a day' winter collection submitted under the Blackpool label includes a whole range of outfits like trousers, skirts, tops, bustiers and various accessories like scarves, bags and shoes. This women's collection boasts interesting feminine cuts that bring out the best in the well-researched fabrics and patterns. At the same time, the use of material supports the dreamy, faraway character of the clothes. The use of ruches, lace, bows and figure-hugging silhouettes is a skilful game with romantic clichés, giving the individual pieces a quality of nostalgic lightness. At the same time, all the subtly controlled styling of the collection reveals an independent and contemporary examination of current fashion discourse. In comparison with the (as well primed) collection submitted last year, the jury welcomes this year's concept, which has moved away from undue theatricality to expressive, wearable fashion.


Irene Münger
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