Claudia Caviezel


Claudia Caviezel

Ideas and conceptual design with various adhesive tapes in textile, fashion and interior design

Textile Design

Jury report

Claudia Caviezel's free textile work is a piece of basic research outside any conventional standards, in which she conducts intensive material-specific and technical research and plays with visual effects. The individual pieces, which were created and indeed seem to have grown out of a whole variety of materials, are textile designs, and thus carry potential starting points for a fashion collection within them. They are printed, dyed and often made directly on a bust or female mould, they do not have to be either wearable or washable. The idea of replacing conventional seams with glued connection allows Claudia Caviezel to implement ideas spontaneously; the use of sticky tape with a woven texture extends the range of design elements by adding a new dimension. Both conceptually and formally, Claudia Caviezel offers overwhelming variety. The jury responded enthusiastically to the presentation of this rich fund of ideas and the clear expansion of the textile concept.


Claudia Caviezel
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Textildesignerin FH, MA in Design (European Design Labs, Madrid)


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