Somatic Rituals

Black and white shot of the three members of Somatic Rituals looking directly at the camera.
Somatic Rituals - Trailblazing club culture

© Flavio Karrer

Somatic Rituals

Trailblazing club culture

Somatic Rituals is a collective and label from Basel, consisting of the three producers Kombé, Mafou and Mukuna. With diverse tracks, mixes and DJ sets, the three search for their African roots and use their collective vision to open up new spaces for club culture.

Somatic Rituals founded the joint label in 2017. Their electronic music combines styles such as ambient techno, gqom and house with experimental and personal approaches. For example, Kombé released the EP “Foreign Exchange” in 2023, which mediates between cultures and time periods with great fluidity. Kombé, Mafou and Mukuna were resident DJs for many years at the Basel club Elysia, which is known throughout Europe for its exceptional sound system. Their growing international recognition is reflected in appearances at renowned festivals such as the Atonal in Berlin. Somatic Rituals' mixes can also be heard on online and community radio stations such as NTS from London, TRNSTN from Fribourg/Freiburg or EOS from Frankfurt.

With their music and approach, Somatic Rituals advocate for diversity, inclusion and equality in club culture. With this commitment they show that they are not only musically innovative, but also socially committed and responsible.




Somatic Rituals | Nordstern Basel 2021

GROOVY GROOVY & Somatic Rituals @TheLotRadio 12-30-2022