Mario Batkovic

Portrait of Mario Batkociv sitting on a chair, looking directly into the camera. In the background a multitude of different instruments.
Mario Batkovic: Multifaceted visionary
© Rob Lewis

Mario Batkovic

Multifaceted visionary

As an instrumentalist, composer and inventor of his own instruments, musician Mario Batkovic defies categorisation. He uses his accordion to invent music that touches on genres as different as classical music, ambient, minimal music and metal. His distinctive use of technical modifications and effects mean you can clearly hear and appreciate each and every note.

After studying at music colleges in Basel and Hanover, he played in a number of Bernese bands such as Kummerbuben or Endo Anaconda’s (Swiss Music Prize 2017) band Stiller Has. For the latter, he also composed and produced music. At the same time, Batkovic has developed a recognisable solo profile that is internationally popular. His first solo album was ranked among the best avant-garde albums of the year by "Rolling Stone" magazine. It was released in 2017 on the Invada Records label, founded by Portishead founder Geoff Barrow. Mario Batkovic's second album, "Introspectio", featured guests such as electro pacesetter James Holden and drummer Clive Deamer (of Radiohead and Robert Plant, among others). He has composed soundtracks for films such as “Unser Garten Eden”, “Der Imker” and most recently "Mad Heidi", as well as music for the fashion house AMI Paris. In addition to this, his music is a central element of the successful video game "Red Dead Redemption 2".

Mario Batkovic is also renowned for his spectacular solo concerts, with which he expands the world of accordion music piece by piece.





Mario Batkovic - Making Of "INTROSPECTIO" Album

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Mario Batkovic - Winner of a Swiss Music Prize 2023