Daniel «Duex» Fontana

Daniel Duex Fontana
© Urs Meyer

Daniel «Duex» Fontana

The genius booker from Düdingen

Not many festivals are sold out on the first day they publish their programme, but that is exactly what happens, and has been happening for years, with the Bad Bonn Kilbi. Daniel Fontana, a cultural activist born in 1966 in Fribourg, started this incredible adventure, which is all the more incredible when you realise that the venue – a rare and authentic space for live music – is located far from urban centres, in Düdingen, in the midst of the Fribourg countryside. Not only did Daniel Fontana create the venue, maintaining a warm and friendly atmosphere inviting everyone, he created a festival that would soon become an authentic part of Swiss music history. He brought huge names from the international alternative and underground music scene to the Kilbi, juxtaposing them with Swiss bands in an astonishingly natural way. Daniel Fontana’s contribution to music in Switzerland has been fundamental. He commands enormous respect, in keeping with the course he has charted over the years: willpower, sincerity, modesty and professionalism – qualities that should underpin every musical endeavour. That international stars like Sonic Youth or Queens of the Stone Age have played in the fields of Düdingen is also due to the esteem Daniel Fontana and his team have earned over the years through their work.



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