The Green Serpent

Best Short Film 2014 - Awarded

The Green Serpent

by Benny Jaberg

A journey into the depths of intoxication: drinking vodka as a transcendental experience. An anti-postcard trip through the Russian winter where an actor, a poet and a physicist speak about their relationship and experience with vodka.

Jaberg Benny

Jaberg Benny Zürich, MiruMir Studio Moscow

Cinematography: Pettersson Joona, Jaberg Benny
Editing: Jaberg Benny
Locationsoundmix: Thieulin Xavier
Soundediting: Thieulin Xavier
Sounddesign: Jaberg Benny
Rerecordingsoundmix: Thieulin Xavier
Music: Vaid Marcel
Compositing: Jaberg Benny, Wegmüller Fabian


49. Solothurner Filmtage, 17. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, 17th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, 32nd Vancouver International Film Festival, 66° Festival del film Locarno

The Green Serpent