'A iucata

Best Short Film 2014 - Nominated

'A iucata

by Michele Pennetta

Hidden away in the working-class neighbourhoods of Catania, Sicily, in a vast area beyond the reach of the authorities, are numerous makeshift stables. One of them belongs to Concetto, also known as “il farmacista,” a respected figure who has created a name for himself within the microcosm of clandestine racing.

Pennetta Michele, Tarabini Christian

Close Up Films Genève, RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera Lugano, Haute école d'art et de design - Genève Genève

Cinematography: Lobos Gabriel
Editing: Valenti Orsola
Locationsoundmix: Tarabini Christian, di Blasi Giuseppe
Soundediting: Studer Riccardo
Rerecordingsoundmix: Studer Riccardo


49. Solothurner Filmtage, 28e Entrevues-Festival international du film de Belfort, 54° Festival dei Popoli Firenze, 30. Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest, 11th doclisboa Festival internacional de cinema documental, 66° Festival del film Locarno

A iucata