Vincent Devaud


Vincent Devaud

A series of posters for the Frac Champagne-Ardenne.
Co-production Frac and CNAP

Graphic Design

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Graphic potential
A hundred posters created from over 700 collection pictures: that's what you get when you let a graphic designer loose on more than 30 years of archives belonging to FRAC, the regional contemporary art fund of Champagne-Ardenne in France.
The museum invited Geneva-based Vincent Devaud to devise a series of posters for the anniversary exhibition ‘30 ans de FRAC' (‘30 Years of FRAC').
He selected images from the collection archives, combined them and turned them into posters in the French format (1,200 x 1,760 mm). His strategy was based on three precise rules: the only colours to be employed were cyan, pink, yellow, black and silver; the same colour should not be used more than once; and a maximum of five pictures were to be superimposed.
From the resulting number of possible combinations, the graphic designer selected 100 posters that were subsequently exhibited and presented in Toulouse, Reims and Troyes.
The project's great strength lies in the reinterpretation of the images from the collection made possible by Vincent Devaud's work. His chosen method draws strongly on mathematical, logically constructed formulae. Starting from fixed rules and codes, he brought unseen pictures from the collection out into the light of day and made them accessible to the public.
This innovative handling of the visual archive, combined with a graphic designer's feel for visual implementation and the clarity of his approach, was enough to convince the Federal Design Jury. Vincent Devaud wins the Swiss Design Award this year for the second time.
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