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Stéphanie Baechler

'Fabric Project', a textile design project

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In the Beginning There Was Fabric
The winner of the competition in 2009, Stéphanie Baechler is awarded the Swiss Federal Design Award for the second time. On both occasions, she submitted an independent piece of work and impressed the jury with her strong visual language.However, it is abundantly clear that the textile designer Stéphanie Baechler has developed as a designer: whereas two years ago it was the intricately executed details which collectively constituted a coherent whole, this year the designer's aesthetic self-confidence and the effortless clarity of her draft were the convincing features.For her 'Fabric Project', Stéphanie Baechler took as her starting point the randomness inherent in everyday use of fabrics. Looking around her in the street, in her studio and at home, she took inspiration from plastic bags, fabrics randomly left on the floor, and even the wrinkles in a bed cover. With these ideas in her camera and her head, she began her research: this approach allowed her to study a range of different draperies and by simple means to create three-dimensional installations which she could then photograph and have printed onto fabric.Out of this work, the designer developed an additional theme: from Stéphanie Baechler, fashion designers get objects made of fabric rather than a two-dimensional piece of textile wound up on a roll. According to Stéphanie Baechler, what they then make of it is precisely the challenge: 'Making something new from different conditions'.Stéphanie Baechler is well-advised to challenge the makers to whom she entrusts her product. She has now proved that her talent has developed and that it would be a pity if her creations were seen merely as pieces of fabric.The attractive and lush colour world of 'Fabric Project' too is based on the above-mentioned inspirations. These are also evident in Stéphanie Baechler's valuable workbooks. As was already the case in the year 2009, these books constitute an important part of her work and a great enrichment for viewers.
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