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Those who give get something back – ideally a porcelain vase made by Caroline Andrins. A ceramicist living in Brussels, who has already won the prize in 1996, she is the winner of the Swiss Federal Design Award for the second time, this year for her latest project 'Send it by Mail'.Her idea is as original as it is simple: in 2010, Caroline Andrin got her friends and acquaintances to send her cardboard rolls used to protect documents and posters. With them, she began a clever game of forms. She cuts the cardboard roll into two equal parts and uses one half as the casting mould and the other half, the one with the sender label, as packaging for the finished object. During the work process, the casting mould is destroyed, and what remains is a fine white porcelain vase. In that way, a series of unique works were created with various heights and diameters and featuring the texture of the different cardboards used.For years, Caroline Andrin has been inspired by the principle that every form hides another form within it and that through a manual process both the inside and the outside of an object can be made visible.In line with this principle, her current project idea is also principally based on questions of original and cast, hiding and revealing, and the use of an object. An additional special feature of 'Send it by Mail' is that Caroline Andrin intends to offer an order service to interested customers in the future. Her idea would thereby blossom out into the tangible 'return to sender' sales model. Let's hope this comes to fruition!
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