Hin Phu Tran


Hin Phu Tran

Women's collection (25 pieces) with accessories

Fashion Design

Jury report

The fashion designer Hin Phu Tran has captivated people this year with his first serially produced fashion collection, which is already on sale in a number of Swiss boutiques. It is called 'Wenn Zugvögel auf dem Mond landen' ('When migrating birds land on the moon') (spring/summer 2003). Hin Phu Tran won the Swiss Federal Design Award last year, and once more shows himself to be a real master of exquisite cuts and a reduced but precisely chosen range of fabrics. Taking the step to a fashion collection that is 'wearable' by a wider public and yet still distinctive and clearly bearing his signature, shows that Hin Pu Tran is prepared to face the challenges of the fashion business creatively. The jury welcomes this further development. It commends the work's high quality and level of innovation and also the element of visual communication and the jewellery accessories accompanying the collection. The jury is also impressed by his cooperation with the shoe designer Anita Moser (see Anita Moser).


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