Erwan Frotin


Erwan Frotin

Five colour photographies for the magazine 'Vogue‘ (Nr. 832, november 2002, Paris)


Jury report

Erwan Frotin's series of 15 colour photographs was prepared to illustrate a supplement to the French 'Vogue', dealing with cosmetic surgery in all its aspects. He uses carefully arranged vegetable still lifes to simulate various operations: a lettuce that has been sewn together, two pieces of fennel stapled together, a dissected endive or a leek that has been cut open. The precisely sharpened and sterilized instruments accompanying them show how vulnerable these (plant) bodies are. This is conceptually very strong as an idea for images, and it meant that Erwan Frotin was able to provide an astute interpretation of the subject that he could implement both penetratingly and critically in his photographs, without any sense of voyeurism. This is a highly unconventional outcome in the context of a commercial commission, and it convinced the jury utterly and completely.


Erwan Frotin
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