Bastien Aubry

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Aubry Bastien


Bastien Aubry

16 posters, 50x70 cm

Graphic Design

Jury report

The work submitted by Bastien Aubry includes flyers and event posters using various techniques for a range of clubs, parties, concerts and even a skateboard competition. The graphic design for these texts is highly experimental, as Aubry uses tools other than the usual computer programs to generate his typefaces: he glues, sprays, foams, draws or even prints woodcuts. This applies to the illustrations as well, for which he also adds photographic collage elements. His approach allows him to evolve his own typographic rules, and stake out his own operational field. The 'art-brut' nature of the posters and flyers establishes unusual standards that set them clearly and agreeably freshly apart from the current elaborate digital graphics. The quality of this work derives from the carefree and provocative independence of the formal language and material characteristics, and also the skilful craftsmanship with which the work is implemented.


Bastien Aubry
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Designer FH, Studienbereich Visuelle Kommunikation
Group name
FLAG Aubry / Broquard

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