Marjolaine Minot

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Marjolaine Minot

Comedic experiments with genre

Nominated for the Schweizer Kleinkunstpreis 2019

Born in Paris in 1978, Marjolaine Minot is a writer, actor, director and teacher of physical theatre. She began her theatrical education in Paris in 2001, focusing on clowning and dramatic art, and has always had a penchant for tragedy mixed with comedy. In 2004 she came to Switzerland to continue her training at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri. After graduating in 2007, Marjolaine Minot moved on to a Master’s in theatre organised by a partnership of drama colleges in Switzerland comprising the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), La Manufacture and the Bern University of the Arts (HKB). She won the SUPSI award for her thesis in 2007 and received a young talents award from Migros Culture Percentage. In 2016 she set up her own theatre group, “La Minotte et compagnie”, renaming it the “Marjolaine Minot” company at the end of 2017.

Marjolaine Minot develops her own theatrical language that experiments with the boundaries of genre. In her first solo “J’aime pas l’bonheur” (I Don’t Like Happiness, 2013), which has been performed over 100 times in Switzerland, Germany and France, she plays Claudine: an old woman who, despite her disdain for jollity, treats her audience to a lesson in the charms of humanity delivered with extraordinary dramatic skill. Further productions such as “La 4e Personne du Singulier” (Fourth Person Singular, 2017), which also tours in German, and “Je suis la femme de ma vie” (I am the Woman of My Life, 2018) each have a new and characteristic style – sometimes dance-like, sometimes clown-like, but invariably performed with consummate flair. As a director, she teamed up with the Les Diptik company to create “Hang Up” (2015), a comedy hit that still delights audiences across Switzerland to this day.