«Flow» Compagnie Linga & Keda

“Flow”, Compagnie Linga & Keda

Current Dance Works

“Flow”, a 2018 piece by Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo with their Compagnie Linga, is inspired by natural phenomena such as shoals of fish, swarms of insects and flocks of birds. In such formations, movements are in constant flux, with even sudden changes of speed and direction being executed without consultation or command. Linga are working for the first time with the Franco-Korean music duo Keda, who produce the soundtrack live on stage. The geomungo, a traditional Korean stringed instrument played by E’Joung-Ju, engages in dialogue with the electronically generated rhythms and sounds created by Mathias Delplanque. As the four female and three male dancers’ movements flow on stage, veering between individual instinct and group choreography, a hypnotic maelstrom ensues that expands into a kinaesthetic, meditative and even ecstatic experience for the audience.

Béatrice Goetz, jury member:

“In ‘Flow’ the dancers of Compagnie Linga achieve an almost perfect balance between synchronised swarm formations and the individual expressiveness of each separate dancer. So strong is their bond that they are conscious of each other’s every motion, and the simultaneity of their movement creates space for the maximum expansion of the individual. Their dance style encompasses great technical quality, unpredictable changes of direction and extreme variations of tempo. The dance and the live music by the duo Keda blend into a virtuoso ensemble performance.”

Compagnie Linga / Katarzyna Gdaniec & Marco Cantalupo

Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo met at the Béjart Ballet in Lausanne and set up Compagnie Linga in 1992. Katarzyna Gdaniec was born in Poland in 1965 and completed her ballet training at the Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg and the national dance school in Gdansk. She joined Maurice Béjart’s Ballet du XX Siècle in Brussels in 1985. Marco Cantalupo was born in Genoa in 1961. He attended the Milan Scala dance school and received his dance diploma at the Hamburg Opera before dancing with various ballet ensembles, including at the Stadttheater in Bern. Since 1993 Compagnie Linga has been based at the Théâtre de l’Octogone in Pully and produces one or two works each year which it performs both there and abroad. Linga has been the recipient of various awards, picking up a prize at the International Choreography Competition in Hanover as far back as 1995. Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo received the Prix culturel vaudois Jeunes Créateurs Danse in 2001 and the Grand Prix from the Fondation vaudoise pour la culture in 2012.