AMR - Genève

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AMR - Genève

The heartbeat of improvisation

Created in Geneva in 1973, AMR – Association pour l’encouragement de la Musique impRovisée – is unique in the Swiss and international landscape: nowhere else on earth will you find a club, rehearsal rooms and a collective workshop for jazz and improvisation classes under a single roof. It is precisely for these genres of music that AMR has become a point of reference on a communal and cantonal level, and also making a name for itself nationally and internationally: among its many guests, we might mention Charlie Mingus, Archie Shepp and Carla Bley. Every year, the association schedules over 200 concerts and organises two festivals (one free-admission open air at the Parc des Cropettes at the end of June, and the other in spring with admission fees) and it offers 45 weekly workshops for orchestral music and other courses.

The organisation has been structured as an association for nearly 50 years, consisting of a committee and about 1000 members of the association. About half the members of the association are active musicians themselves, all employees of AMR are either musicians or music students. The ratio of differences in salaries between the lowest and highest salaries are balanced and fair.

A microcosm of culture, equity, exchange, and growth.



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