Hans Koch

Hans Koch, Schweizer Musikpreis 2020
Hans Koch
© Fabian Flury

Hans Koch

Experimenting improvisor

Born in Biel in 1948, composer and musician Hans Koch is one of the most innovative woodwind players in Europe in the improvisation and free jazz field. Instead of following the path of a classical orchestral musician, Hans Koch used live electronics, sampling and computers to explore a new acoustic universe for his instruments. The high-contrast "hardcore chamber music" played by the Swiss trio Koch-Schütz-Studer from 1990 to 2017 bore his unmistakable signature. In addition to collaborations with long-time companion Martin Schütz and other representatives of experimental Swiss music (e.g. INSUB Meta Orchestra, Jacques Demierre), Hans Koch has performed with international improvisation and free jazz musicians (e.g. Fred Frith / Cecil Taylor) and participated in international projects such as the Globe Unity Orchestra or the Ensemble d'Improvisateurs Européens. Hans Koch also writes music for radio plays and films.



Koch-Schütz-Studer (2008)

The Epic of Everest (2017)

Hans Koch solo 2011

Sekmeth & Hans Koch (2017)

Hans Koch & INSUB Meta Orchestra (d'incise)