Dani Häusler

Dani Häusler, Schweizer Musikpreis 2020
Dani Häusler
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Dani Häusler

Passionate folk musician

Clarinetist, lecturer and radio presenter Dani Häusler, who was born in Zug in 1974, is a reputed mediator and innovator of Swiss folk music. He first presented his own small compositions with the "Gupfbuebä" at the age of eleven and went on to study classical clarinet at the Lucerne Conservatory when he was fifteen. The Ländler folk music of Central Switzerland is his preferred musical landscape. Through his teaching at the university of Lucerne, and his collaboration with experimentor Hujässler accompanied by virtuoso yodeler Nadja Räss, he is a vital part of the Swiss folk scene. After the Dani Häusler Komplott, founded by him in 2008, was hired as a folk music rock band for the live programme "SRF bi de lüt", radio opened its doors to him. Since then, as a presenter on SRF Musikwelle, he has been transmitting his background knowledge of Fritz Dür's extensive folk music collection of works from the ‘50s and ‘60s. In 2017, Dani Häusler was awarded the Goldenen Violinschlüssel, one of the highest folk music awards.



Hujässler (2019

Dani Häusler Komplott (2019)

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