Big Zis

Big Zis, Schweizer Musikpreis 2020
Big Zis
© Nicole Somogyi

Big Zis

Trailblazing rapper

Her stage name illustrates her position in the family tree of Swiss rap - and more: Big Zis - big sister. Born Franziska Schläpfer in Winterthur in 1976, she started her career in Zurich in the ‘90s. As an MC, she brought American rap to the local dialect, like on the "Zürislang" sampler. She caricatures the clichés of the male-dominated scene, countering with lyrics that are all the more caustic and biting. After all: "Big Zis dörf alles” – she can do whatever she wants. This applies literally to her taste for punky, rocky and electronic elements. In 2002, she was awarded the Werkjahr grant by the City of Zurich. Big Zis takes the stage with the most diverse musicians, including Greis, Sophie Hunger or DJ Madam. In 2019, she released her latest EP, "Béyond", with a new live band comprising drummer Julian Sartorius and multi-instrumentalist Beni06.



Au79 (Béyond 2019)

Hang (Béyond 2019)

Hyphe Myzel Hype (Kurzfilm, Regie: Big Zis 2017)

Prrrdy (Und jetz ... was hätt das mit mir z tue? 2009)