André Ducret

Andre Ducret, Schweizer Musikpreis 2020
Andre Ducret
© Olivier Savoy

André Ducret

Choral music eclectic

Born in Fribourg in 1945, André Ducret is an eclectic contributor to the Swiss choral music landscape. A key experience was his encounter with composer Abbé Pierre Kaelin, who introduced him to polyphonic vocal literature and set him on his way to becoming an important choral conductor, music teacher and composer. With the Chœur des XVI, founded in 1970, the Coro della Radiotelevisione Svizzera and various youth choirs, notably the Chœur St. Michel, he has been intermediating a broad stylistic spectrum in Switzerland and abroad for decades. That spectrum ranges from early music, contemporary works and his own compositions. As a sign of recognition, more than 500 original scores of his works are preserved in the Fribourg Cantonal and University Library.


André Ducret: Croix du sud (2009)

Choeur des XVI (2010)

Schweizer Jugendchor La Danse des Moulins (Werk AD Aufführung 2013)

Porträt auf Vimeo (Films Plans-Fixes 2015)