Aïsha Devi

Aïsha Devi, Schweizer Musikpreis 2020
Aïsha Devi
© Emile Barret

Aïsha Devi

Musician of the spheres

Aïsha Devi is a hypnotic spherical musician, well-known on the Swiss club scene. Born in Geneva, with Himalayan roots, Aïsha Devi received the Swiss Design Award for her diploma thesis and embarked on a musical career under the pseudonym Kate Wax. In 2013, the versatile electronica producer and vocalist co-founded the experimental club label Danse Noire, developing a spiritual understanding of music which opened up new worlds of experience: she expanded her vocal spectrum by adding a throaty overtone to her singing and experimenting with mystical lyrics, semitone harmonies or binaural frequencies. Aïsha Devi has performed at international festivals for electronic music (including the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, the Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam and the Moogfest in the USA), participated in the opening piece of the 2017 Vienna Festival and was invited, among others, by the Irish-British electronica artist Aphex Twin to open his performance in New York City in 2019. After the albums "Of Matter and Spirit" (2015) and "DNA Feelings" (2018), she released her EP "S.L.F." in July 2019.



I'm Not Always Where My Body Is (2019)

DNA Feelings (2018)

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