Honorary Award 2019

Beki Probst erhält den Ehrenpreis  2019
Beki Probst
© Juliane Eirich

Beki Probst receives Honorary award

She is widely known on festival stages across the globe: Beki Probst, the charming, enterprising and eloquent cinema expert from Bern, who manages a successful arthouse cinema chain together with her husband. In the 1980s she established the Trade Show in Locarno. In 1988 the Berlinale Director Moritz de Hadeln entrusted the networker with developing the European Film Market, which she led for thirty years. Thanks to her, the European Film Market has become one of the leading films markets in the world. Beki Probst is a cultural mediator of international calibre and a formative personage for Switzerland’s cinematic landscape.

Appreciation nomination committee Swiss Film Award 2019