Special Academy Award 2018

Thomas Nellen erhält Spezialpreis der Akademie 2018

Special Academy Award 2019

This year the nomination committee honours Thomas Nellen’s work as the make-up artist in Christine Repond’s VAKUUM.

Thomas Nellen has devoted his professional life entirely to make-up artistry. The native of Zurich moved to Los Angeles in 1993, after having worked together with Michael Hofmann in PROMISED LAND, which was followed by engagements for such Hollywood productions as THE PATRIOT (2000), TRUE GRIT (2010) or INDEPENCE DAY: RESURGENCE (2016). It was during the latter that he met actor Jeff Bridges, for whom he has since worked as his personal make-up artist.
But Nellen still has a passion for auteur film. In Christine Repond’s fiction film VAKUUM, Nellen impressively demonstrates how make-up can give actors a natural appearance, for make-up is at its best when it is not apparent.