Best Fiction Film 2015 - Nomination


by Mathieu Urfer

Urfer MathieuSami, a laid-back songwriter, is shocked when Julia, a brilliant lawyer with whom he’s been living for the last four years, decides to put their relationship on hold. Coached by his old friend Fernand, an alcoholic country musician living in a nursing home for the elderly, he tries to achieve the impossible to prove to her she’s the only woman for him.

Gilliéron Baptiste, Faure Julia, Wilms André, Althaus Nils, Vouilloz Roland, Letuppe Nicole, Coldesina Margherita, Barbry Hélène, Coustenoble Baptiste

Urfer Mathieu

Box Productions sàrl Renens VD, RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera Lugano

cinematography: Salminen Timo | editing: Leroy Yannick | locationsoundmix: Hatsui Masaki | soundediting: Hafner Gabriel, Musy François | rerecordingsoundmix: Hafner Gabriel, Musy François | music: Urfer Mathieu, de Morsier Marcin, Woolloff John, Garcia Ariel | artdirection: Marduel Régis | lighting: Walther Eric | costumes: Van Brée Anna


50. Solothurner Filmtage
15e Festival International du Film d'Arras
29e Festival international du film francophone Namur
67° Festival del film Locarno

© Catherine Leutenegger