Bester Dokumentarfilm 2015 - Awarded


von Marcel Gisler

Gisler MarcelThe trials and tribulations in the life and family history of Florian Burkhardt, who abandoned the constraints of his background to set out into the big wide world in search of fame and recognition. His quest is a mercurial search for identity that ends in fear and disillusionment, but also in a comforting return to his true self. Both a personal story and contemporary history are reflected in the figure of Florian Burkhardt, alias “electroboy”, for his journey takes place during the nineties, at the end of which the illusion of a new world order is shattered.

Florian Burkhardt, Hildegard Burkhardt, Peter J. Burkhardt, Gregory David Mayo, Urs Keller, Claudius Burkhardt

Gisler Marcel

Bernard Lang AG Freienstein, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen Zürich

cinematography: Indergand Peter | editing: Bachmann Thomas | locationsoundmix: Stamm Reto, Teufen Marco, Mose Caleb | soundediting: Bussmann Felix | sounddesign: Bussmann Felix | rerecordingsoundmix: Bussmann Felix | music: Gianfreda Claudio (Balduin)


50. Solothurner Filmtage
67° Festival del film Locarno