Antonio Buil

Opération Libertad 03

Best supporting actress / Best supporting actor 2013 - Awarded

Antonio Buil

For his performance in Opération Libertad directed by Nicolas Wadimoff

Antonio Buil was born in Spain in 1964 and studied drama in Saragossa. He was a founding member of the Teatro Tabanque theatre company under the direction of Antonio Malondo. In 1987 he worked in educational theatre with the Teatro Poraiso in the Basque Country. Buil moved to Switzerland in 1989 to study at the Dimitri School. Together with Gabriel Alvarez, he founded the CITA (Centre international du travail de l’acteur) and in 1998 he co-founded the Teatro due Punti theatre company with Paola Pagani. The company’s plays are performed in Switzerland, France and Italy. Buil’s independent theatre and television work takes him all over the world. In 2010 he won the Swiss Film Award in the Best Actor category for his performance in Coeur animal.

Selected film roles:

2012 Opération Libertad, directed by Nicolas Wadimoff
2010 La petite chambre, directed by Stéphanie Chuat & Véronique Reymond
2009 Coeur animal, directed by Séverine Cornamusaz
2008 Garibaldi in America, directed by Alberto Rondalli
2005 Fragile, directed by Laurent Nègre
2004 Tout un hiver sans feu, directed by Greg Zglinski
2001 Dervis, directed by Alberto Rondalli

Opération Libertad 01