Mikael Vilchez

SUMMER 16-17 (fashion collection for men), 2016
Mikael Vilchez


Mikael Vilchez

SUMMER 16-17 (fashion collection for men), 2016

Fashion and Textile Design

Jury report

After being awarded a prize in 2015 Mikael Vilchez has returned to the Swiss Design Awards with a courageous menswear concept, which challenges the clichés of the male silhouette by shifting emphasis away from the shoulders and playing with volume and form. His exploration of male dress - from non-European aesthetics to subcultural styles, archetypal sports attire, and modes of ritual and belonging - is referenced and remixed to produce a serious but up-to-date collection with clear personal vision. Vilchez's inventive talent is not only found in his garments but in his ability to compose a compelling narrative through photography and styling.
lives and works in Geneva


Mi­ka­el Vil­chez
Ge­bo­ren 1990
Fa­shion De­si­gner


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