About the year 2017

About the year 2017


Organised annually by the FOC since 1918, Switzerland's leading national design competition aims to create platforms that help the competition winners advance their careers and present their work to a wider audience. The prize money for the Swiss Design Award is a monetary sum of 25,000 Swiss francs. By recommendation of the Federal Design Commission, this year 17 designers were honoured in the categories of photography (2), graphic design (5), fashion and textile design (3), products and objects (6) and mediation (1).


Lionel Bovier
Director mamco, Geneva 

Laurent Benner
visual designer, London

Nicoletta Cavadini Ossanna
Director m.a.x.museo, Chiasso

Christoph Hefti
textile designer, Brussels

Aude Lehmann
graphic designer, Zurich

Renate Menzi
Design collection curator, Museum of Design, Zurich

Heidi Wegener
Organisation consultant, Meilen 

Catherine Ince
Senior Curator Design, Architecture and Digital Department, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Jörg Boner
product designer,  Zurich