Arienne Birchler


Arienne Birchler

Collection 'Couples', 2005 – 2006 (diploma work)

Fashion Design

Jury report

Couples from all lands and ages

After two collections for women, the young fashion designer Arienne Birchler decided to design a collection for her diploma at the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerp that also includes men's outfits. She decided to develop six couples – 'Couples' is the name of the collection – and placed them in different places in her mind: black Africa, Asia, the old Europe, North Africa, in the mountains and also in an elegant bar. In order to do justice to her ideal image of two independent partners who respected each other, she decided not to mix the fabrics and cuts for the partners. Her aim was to make them look as though they belonged together without working from a partner-look. Each outfit features careful details that run through the collection like a thread: ornamental embroidery with sequins, appliqué leather, beads. The silhouettes have qualities in common as well. The women's dresses are flowing, gathered or caught at certain points, usually just below the bust – not one is close-fitting. The men's trousers are also full, sit low on the hips and are only mid-calf length. The jackets are mainly loosely cut, reminiscent in part of a cloak hung loosely round the shoulders. Each of the twelve outfits consists of several layers. If the top ones are taken off, this reveals more attractive details like for example romantic fastenings made up of tied bows and hems embroidered with sequins. The range of fabrics is very wide. The selection ranges from the finest pink silk and transparent cotton to mohair, fur and leather. Arienne Birchler presents a varied and independent collection that introduces her audience to distant cultures. The fashion designer describes her work as an ode to love and to the different nature of men and women.
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Arienne Birchler
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