Andi Gut


Andi Gut

Six pieces of jewellery of the series 'Mimesen'

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Jury report

The six pieces of men's jewellery submitted by Andi Gut were developed as part of the ‘Mimesen' (mimeses) work. Like in the animal world, where camouflage is effective through its deception of the enemy, Andi Gut's pieces initially confuse viewers too and deceive those trying to read them. What at a first glance appears to be a twig that got caught during a walk in the woods, turns out at a second glance to be the ‘mimesis' of a well-camouflaged piece of jewellery. There is, however, further deception of the eye, for the pieces often take on, not only formally, but also through the material combination of plastic and pearls or even gold, a technical language of form. They are thus reminiscent of a modern microphone worn directly attached to one's collar, a roll of thin cable or an anti-theft device attached to one's jacket pocket. The ‘Mimesen' are a clever seduction of one's gaze into the wide world of associations and, once again, Andi Gut has cleverly expanded the current definition of jewellery with his pieces that are cast in nylon, lathed, forged and dyed in part.  


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