Susanne Egli


Susanne Egli


Graphic Design

Jury report

Susanne Egli presents the results of a formal study on the subject of cryptology in her diploma submission, a handbook with 26 chapters. Her research is looking for the ordering systems inherent in everyday things like a bar of chocolate, a lottery ticket, the dial of a telephone or a mobile phone keypad, and links these with the alphabet. Texts are encrypted and become graphic codes, as when secret writing is being used. The designer also uses the possibilities afforded by Japanese binding of the paper, some of which is very thin, by printing on all four pages and allowing some of her graphics to shimmer through solely as back-printing. The principle of de-coding and then re-encoding runs through the work like a thread and is used with a consistency that produces an astonishing, essentially hermetically sealed universe. Susanne Egli investigates this with almost obsessively meticulous precision.


Susanne Egli
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Graphic Designer